Monday, April 19, 2010

Exciting News

I have something wonderful to share with you all, though I'm beginning to feel like a bit of a broken record! But it definitely deserves to be mentioned on my blog, so here goes.

As I recounted in a previous entry, back at the end of February, I participated in a Think Tank at Autism Speaks' headquarters in NYC. The purpose of this was to discuss the result of the Community Life section of the AFAA Town Hall meeting that took place in October.

While I was at the headquarters of AS, I briefly met a man named Marc Sirkin, the Chief Community Officer. He e-mailed me shortly thereafter, saying he'd looked at my blog and wanted to post my "Letter To My Younger Self" to Autism Speaks' main blog.

All I could think of was what a great opportunity it would be to really reach and (hopefully) help a wide range of people, so I said yes. After a couple weeks of waiting, it was finally posted up on Thursday. You can see it here:

A link was also posted on Autism Speaks' Facebook page, here:!/posted.php?id=75219157496&share_id=118852414795530&comments=1#s118852414795530.

The response has been absolutely unbelievable. As of now, I've received 47 comments on it, and it's received over 200 "likes" on the Facebook page and there are 69 comments so far there. The comments have been incredible, more than anything I ever would have expected. I was moved to tears by some of the things people said, and I'm so grateful that I did take this opportunity.

I also found out yesterday that my post made's list of Top Posts for April 17, 2010, coming in at #55:

It's becoming more apparent to me that there are two stages to this whole thing: the initial impact of when the blog was first posted, and now this rippling effect that seems to be taking place. Who knows what else may occur in the coming days, weeks, even months? I'm excited (and a little bit nervous) to find out.

To my new followers here on my blog and all of you who've come here by way of Autism Speaks: Welcome! I'm so happy to have you. I would just like to restate that I do make public speaking appearances at conferences, support group meetings, professional development workshops, school assemblies, and more, so if you are interested in having me speak to your group and read my "Letter to My Younger Self," please feel free to contact me via e-mail, or contact my business manager, Nicole Turon-Diaz, at Thank you!